Breaking Brad

BB sign on RV 01XXSo here’s the deal. Brad and I have been dreaming about getting an RV for years. We’ve had a subscription to Motor Home magazine for about 13 years. We have been to several RV shows over the years. We even went to RV dealers and talked about the Navion View because we knew that was the size and brand we wanted. But as much as I pushed, pleaded, cajoled and tantrumed, Brad was always in the “It’s not time yet” mentality.

“Wait ’til the kids are out of school.”

“We can’t afford it.”

“The stars have not aligned.”

“You need to be naked more.”

I explained to him that whenever he takes the plunge, I will never hear the words, “I wish we had waited longer.”

He held out. One day after getting some bad news about a peer’s health, he started caving. He started to fear not being able to do it at all. Then the perfect 2006 View became available in Central Illinois for the right price and the right mileage. An elderly couple was ready to sell and we swooped in to grab it.

We picked it up on a frigid, windy day in January of 2011. I only tried to kill us once while swerving to an exit. The hardest part was seeing it sitting in our driveway for months until we could de-winterize it and take it out.

The whole point of this blurb is to explain the coolest sign ever made by my nephew Ben in California. My brother Nick helped engineer the hinges to make it foldable because we didn’t want it to take up too much room in our little RV.     It. Is. Perfect.  People that know the show have stopped to take pictures of it. It is a great conversation starter. And it will always serve as a reminder to Brad that I was right, am always right, and will forever be right. Case closed, bitch!

BB signXX


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