Weekend Getaway cont.

While we were “on-the-lam,” we stayed right on the Mighty Mississippi at the Thomson Causeway Campgrounds. Great place to be, fyi.

Sun in hand                                                           Gorgeous sunset over Iowa.

Thomson sunsetXX                                                                Basking in the glow…

Golden RV sunsetXX                                                       Wishing upon a shooting star…

shooting starXXNext day, Brad had to do some muffler diving. It isn’t all glamorous. He got the job done. The clanking was over, so we could enter a campground without waking the dead.

mufflerXXWhile Brad was lying down on the job, I noticed this important warning label. Thankfully, now I will never put my fingers into grills. Of any kind.


Seriously, I would NEVER even consider fingering this…zebra grylls






Like I even needed the warning.bloody face






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