Little Weekend Getaway

Prison ViewXXHere I am parked by the Thomson Federal Prison in Thomson, IL.         Pretty cool.                     From the outside.

pick up hikersXX      Got a big kick out of some vandal’s work here. Will do!

Prison breakXXNo time to dawdle, I see Brad is ready to be picked up for our conjugal weekend, camping at the Thomson Causeway on the Mighty Mississippi.

I love him for making the time for our little weekend getaway. All those years running up and down the sidelines shooting the high school football games really paid off. Of course, I told him he should have used a camera instead of an AK47.  He never listens to me.

Brad prison signXXBrad catching a breather before we head to the Mississippi. Always the tourist.

nophotosXXYou’re not the boss of me.



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