Wasted Days and Wasted Nights

Warning:  Adult Content

sprout couch















Wake up, to break up…

Me:  Oh Lord. Morning wood.

Brad:  That’s not much wood.

Me:  It’s enough. Oh my God, it’s getting bigger just talking about it.

Brad:  Of course it is. It isn’t deaf.

Me:  Well put some ear muffs on it.

Brad:  I’ll put some muff on it.

Me:  Here we go.

Sweet talker…

Brad:  Just look how it’s resting on it’s own bed of balls. Your nose could do that.

Me:   My nose isn’t tired.

Brad:  Look how happy and youthful it looks resting there.

Me:  If by ‘youthful’ you mean ‘old and wrinkled.’

Brad:  [whispering] Careful. It’s listening.

Walden, WY…

Oh look! That’s an old cowpoke.

You’ve got something I’d like to poke.

Slow down, I wanna take a picture.

I got something you can take a picture of.


Yellowstone National Park

Man, fly fishing is huge out here.

I got a fly you can fish something huge out of.

Will you ever grow up?

I got something growing up right now.

Here’s a tip, ‘shut the fuck up.’

I got a tip for you.

OMG. I was really behind the ball on that one.

I got some balls you can get behind.

This never gets old.














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