All Roads Lead to Wall

While working our way home through South Dakota, we had to stop at Wall Drug Store. I had never heard of it, but apparently there are signs all over the world promoting the place. It was started during the depression and the one thing that got people stopping were billboards promoting free ice water, which it still offers to this day.

Free waterI’m sure when the roads weren’t paved and the dusty roadsters came in they were quite happy to get free ice water back in the day. Personally, free shots of Tito’s Vodka would be a bigger draw.

WALL drug bldgXXX

That being said, there were plenty of other attractions to make this stop worthwhile.

Rabbit kissXXSome billboards hawked their six-foot rabbit. (There happened to be more than one, but this one caught our eye first.)

Jackalope rideXXThey could put this on a billboard…”Ride our jackalope with a bigger ass than Amy Sherman’s!”  So proud.

But nothing could top their newest addition. I actually waited 12 agonizing minutes to capture this amazing show. Walgreen’s and CVS need to up their game for sure.

T Rex (click on that, but lower your volume)

This guy made us hungry so we finished up with some homemade donuts. Note: They do offer a free donut to vets, but without frosting. I guess risking your life doesn’t quite qualify you for the only reason to eat a donut. Here, have a tiny cup of free ice-water to choke down your frostingless donut. The frosted ones are worth the money though.


Wall donutsXX


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        1. Sounds like a beautiful fall trip. Wei will do a few short, short local trips, but the weather will dictate how soon we winterize.

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