How the West Was Done

Well, it’s finally October and it’s been about three weeks since we returned from our Big Western Adventure, so I just wanted to wrap it up with a few pictures. It was one helluva ride, and Brad and I would retrace it all if we could. (But we can’t because Colorado flooded and the government just shut down.)

All alone on the Poudre River down at The Narrows
All alone on the Poudre River down at The Narrows

This campsite will forever remain as one of our favorites because nobody else was there. We were only a few yards from the Cache La Poudre River and we watched a lightning storm that silhouetted the pine trees against the hill. But what we REALLY got a kick out of was how dark it got that night. Because of clouds and no moon, it was pitch black. We put a bandaid over the tiny light on the refridgerator just to test the darkness and it was so black inside our camper we couldn’t see each other across the table, or our hands held in front of our faces. Total sensory deprivation, except for the sound of the river running. For the first time in my life I felt the powerful blackness of being blind. It’s oppressive. Something I will never forget.

Grand TetonXX Camped two nights at Grand Teton National Park at Jackson Lake. Not that impressed with the campgrounds. Tiny sites, narrow road, no showers. On the way out though, ya gotta love the view. I did learn something interesting: the Tetons are the youngest range of the Rockies, which formed only 6 to 9 million years ago. This explains their sharp edges because they haven’t had time to be worn down like the Rocky Mountains that formed 80 to 55 million years ago. Apparently age does matter. I’m certainly more rounded than I was many years ago.

The Lower Falls of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone
The Lower Falls of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

And now I know why it was called Yellowstone. Duh. Beautiful/stunning/eye-popping beauty. ‘Nuff said.

View & Lariat Motel

Just liked the old sign to the Lariat Motel in Hardin, MT.  Definitely recommend La Chalupa Mexican Restaurant in Hardin.  Call for directions because they are on Center Street, which isn’t what is posted online. (406) 665-1175

Tiny View biggerXXJust an idea of what we drove through in Montana. We started on Beartooth Hwy, but ended up doing this route. (I can’t remember the name.) It was a fabulous drive that required lots of concentration and down-shifting. That’s our little RV making its way along. Do you smell burning brakes?

Horse buttsXX

Well, time to mosey along. I couldn’t possibly cover everything and every place we did on this trip, but it was a dream vacation and incredible journey. (BTW, I hate the word “journey” because it is overused for every life experience now, but I can’t seem to come up with a better one.) Let’s just say it was the best acid-less trip Brad has ever been on.


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