Wild, Wild, West

escapee01We knew we were in the Wild, Wild, West when we saw THIS sign driving through Wyoming. The next digital message warned drivers not to pick up any hitchhikers. We could have used that tip before we offered some lonely guy in an orange jumpsuit  a ride and the use of our toilet. He said he just wanted to lay low for a while on our couch. I corrected him of course…”Actually, it’s ‘lie-low.’ Chickens lay eggs, people lie low.” He thanked me and said he should know better because he knows people lie all the time.

Seriously, for the next fifty miles Brad and I had our eyes peeled, hoping to see someone running through the sagebrush with choppers in hot pursuit. Personally, I would have tried to make it to a nearby housing division beyond all the open desert.  At least you could get into a home and steal a gun. Everyone in Wyoming has a minimum of one gun. Per drawer. THEN you could hitch a ride for sure.


2 thoughts on “Wild, Wild, West

  1. Just heard on Bill Mahr’s show there’s a small town in Georgia and everyone is required to own a gun….wanna go there next?

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